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Kenny Adult Lifeguard Straw Hat

Kenny Adult Lifeguard Straw Hat

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Introducing our stylish and sun-protective handmade straw hat with polyester lining, now available in adult size! With SPF 50 protection, this hat will keep you safe from the sun's harmful rays while you're out and about. The hat features a stylish lining inside, adding a pop of color and personality to your look. The adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit, but please ensure the rope is tied properly before use.

Our adult sun hat has a hat size of 22.83 inches, making it a perfect fit for most adults. And for the ultimate family matching look, our bundle option includes one toddler/child hat and one adult size hat.

Please note that each hat is handmade from straw and other materials, and therefore, may vary slightly in each unique way. Additionally, the hat contains a small piece, so please do not leave children unattended with the hat.

Get your sun hat game on and protect your skin from the sun in style with our adult sun hat!

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